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I manage Safety, responsible for major accident hazard sites, also my role in terms of measuring and preventing incidents is to ensure that the key controls are in place and as many of them are working as effectively as possible and trying to avoid major incidents, so it is a subject that I am very passionate about.

You may think that my business is very different from yours, and that it requires a different focus on health and safety culture and in operational excellence. But I will tell you that it does not, and not doing so puts your business at risk.

Ultimately your companies’ success and their quest for excellence in safety and health will be governed by your leadership: what you do, how you do it, and what you say and how you say it. I know that I am responsible for safety in my company and I am responsible for how well we manage risks. I am responsible for striving towards ever increasing targets in our performance, and that is in addition to all the other expectations to achieving excellence in Safety Management .

We know the effect that just one major incident can have. It may be ruinous in productivity, disastrous in its effect on prosperity, and calamitous if it hits crucial national infrastructure. Worst of all it may cause many deaths, or serious injuries. One major incident can in minutes destroy a good safety record and damage a business’s reputation. So today I want to emphasise the essential role that you, as business leaders, must play in building a strong robust safety culture at every level of your organisation to protect the public, to protect your workers, to protect the environment, and, of course, to ensure continuing commercial success.

The hard lessons of Piper Alpha, Karachi Factory Fire , and other incidents, show that more can and must always be done , stand ready to ensure compliance and beyond with the highest standards of safety possible. And together I believe that we can help deliver a safe and indeed prosperous future for your companies .


CEO FS International .

Key Messages from CEO :

  •  Safety cannot be managed from the meeting room: senior managers need to ‘walk the talk’ and listen to their frontline staff.
  • We cannot assume that everyone understands what safety is and why it is so important in managing the major hazards business.
  • Industry needs to create forum to share good practice and knowledge transfer.
  • Meaningful key performance indicators are really important in managing safety.

Public Campaigns

FS Culture & Believes

Management responsibility, requires visible commitment, leadership and involvement. Our proactive Safety culture shall be understood shared and practiced at all level .

Fundamental to this culture is our belief that all losses of people ,property and process result from management failure and are preventable  .


We will strive for zero defect culture :

  • No accident
  • No loss to process
  • No harmful emissions
  • No health-related incidents
  • No lapses in Safety & Security

   This zero defect culture shall be attained through :

  • Visible commitment , leadership and involvement of customer management
  • Standards of mandatory FS trainings for all personnel
  • FS training and development provided through state-of –the art learning techniques
  • Maximized efficiency and synergy through sharing
  • Integrate Safety management for development of client workforce
  • Proactive participation in global industry initiatives and recognition by our customers that we are leaders in safety .

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My grandma was saved in a terrible fire. She has instilled in me the belief that those who risk their lives should be thanked, even if they have not done anything to help me.

Teresa WardLos Angeles citizen
Teresa Ward

I couldn't say any word when i saw what these brave men do! I was impressed that these people don't do it for the money, they do it for the love for the profession.

Robert HoffmanNew York citizen
Robert Hoffman

Once the firefighters put down the fire in our house. I want to tell them Thank you for saving our lives and the house. I can't wait to be a firefighter when I grow up.

Arthur GarretNew York citizen
Arthur Garret

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Smoking bud seen around Generator Area  Where Diesel drums are  kept read more...