FS International

A team of Professionals with proven skills in the field of Emergency Response & Safety Management.
We provide state of the art services to a large number of Clients.
As specialists & Trainers, we are committed to provide best known Training & Safety Management Services.

Our Mission

To ensure developing state of the art Burn & Trauma centers in every district of Pakistan. We hope that our customers will help us fulfill our dream and mission by engaging our Safety Management Services to contribute towards our goals. This will not only help our customers upgrade Safety standards but will also help streamline the areas where Health and Safety standards are nonexistent.


Our vision

Safety is our number one core value. We are uncompromising in our commitment to the health and safety of our Customers Subcontractors and community. We will continually improve our processes, demonstrate leadership, and promote comprehensive safety. We will require individual accountability, expect all customers to adhere to our safety standards, and actively participate in and support the advancement of our health and safety practices. Safety is the responsibility of all , including both top management and the individual craft worker. Everyone is responsible for achieving zero accidents resulting in a SAFE day, a SAFE tomorrow, a SAFE year, and a SAFE career

Fs Objectives

  1. Achievements of Zero “0” Incident
  2. Strengthening of Incident Investigation and Sharing of Incident Reports
  3. Formulation of an Emergency Response Plan and Conduct of Emergency and Crisis Response Training
  4. Review of the FS & HSE Risk Assessment and Management Method Procedure
  5. Strengthening of the Customer FS &  HSE Organization and Personnel
  6. Environmental and Social Impacts Assessment & development
  7. Social Charity programs for community development
  8. Sharing & implementing expertise by introducing Safety Culture in Public & Private Sectors for awareness  .
  9. Ensuring Service Quality Excellence for Customers in Safety Management
  10. Accident free corporate culture & aggressive Emergency response preparedness plans for client locations & facilities
  11. Ensuring compliance in contractors support & Management in line with KPI “ Key Performance Indicators .
  12. FS Shall provide strong , visible commitment , leadership and personal involvement to our valuable clients for enhancing Safety Culture .

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Operations Videos

Smoking bud seen around Generator Area  Where Diesel drums are  kept read more...